Fly me a Dream


Why not lead an extraordinary life?

Welcome to Dreampliflyer, my signature foodie exploration to exciting faraway lands. Come explore with me, a travel storyteller and an expert in the art of customer experience. Vacations are precious moments to behold. Allow Dreampliflyer to optimise your vacation experience.

With each journey, my heart sings for I have left footprints in the heart of strangers and made new friends, daring my tastebuds to explore my new fav food and my never-agains. I chuckled as I remember resorting to drawing pictures, pointing to the food on the next table, or just attempt the local language only to be horrified but bravely eat what I had not originally intended to order. How amusing it is when my broken local languages failed me but I still boldy go for I love to eat! Also, it is strange that my brain does not register my last encounter with wasabi and hot chillies for I think I love them too much!

With each journey, I have learned to be wiser by taking time to slowly breathe and appreciate the slower pace of life. Only go to the favourites highlighted in the weeks of pre-travel research and not to challenge the limits of the One Day City Pass, or risk hobbling the next day to my other favourite spots with blisters on my feet as the memento of the yesterdays! Or a feet so sore that I ended up kicking myself for eating in the hotel restaurant (though surprisingly some hotel restaurants are hidden gems, we will uncover them in this blog!). With each journey, I promise myself to capture fewer pics but always ended up furiously deleting some pics when I got home as those darn trees, the odd bush and electric poles still got trapped in them! Allow my lessons learnt and tips to be your treasure.

Actualise your dreams and let your dreams fly. Be a Dreampliflyer! And a foodie at heart! Many thanks.

Warm regards,